NPSO 2023 Annual Meeting

Field Trips

Meadow filled with rosy plectritis and seep monkey flower on Tire Mtn. Photo: Clayton Gautier.
Registration ended on May 19 and is now CLOSED. Please check the Updates & Notices page regularly to keep up with the latest news and reminders about fields trips, registration, and event scheduling.

Short trips will be offered Friday afternoon, June 2, and Sunday morning, June 4. All-day trips will be offered Saturday, June 3, from short, easy outings to moderate hikes. In addition to "regular" trips, several trips will offer a special, related focus: bryophytes, ethnobotany, lichens, and pollinators. These field trips will include stops or hikes with wildflower displays as well as attractions in their area of special focus. For those who prefer to explore on their own, we also list several nearby self-guided hikes.

The following links provide a wealth of information to help you choose which trips are the best for you! (Please read the NOTES at the bottom of the page.)

All field trip participants should note that an NPSO 2023 Annual Meeting iNaturalist Flora-blitz Project has been set up to record observations from the many field trips during this 3-day gathering.

Please email me at newhouse@efn.org if you still have any questions about the trips after checking the above references.

Bruce Newhouse, Field Trip Chair

  1. If you find a problem in this information, please notify the Field Trip Chair.
  2. Parking passes may be needed at some destinations. See the Information For All Attendees sheet (link above).
  3. Some files can be loaded on your mobile device for field use.

If you have questions that aren't answered here, send email to annualmeeting@npsoregon.org.