NPSO 2023 Annual Meeting


Wet meadow with shooting star and marsh marigold at Elk Camp. Photo: Tanya Harvey

Some great merchandise will be on offer at the Annual Meeting Saturday evening before and after the banquet at Venue 252. Below is a list of vendors that have already signed up (note that some vendors will take only cash or check, others may also take credit cards).

If you are interested in being a vendor, please click on Updates & Notices and read the VENDOR APPLICATIONS NOTICE posted on 1/3/2023 to find out how to sign up for space.



Sale Items, Website


David Wagner


Books, Calendars, Art Prints

fernzenmosses &



Tanya Harvey


Bird ornaments, greeting cards, jewelry

Tanya Harvey Design


NPSO Emerald Chapter


T-shirts, including new Annual Meeting

design with Columbia lily and anise



NPSO Siskiyou Chapter


t-shirts, baseball hats and floral ID



Siena McDonald


Art prints, pins, magnets, keychains, wall

hangings, crocheted mushrooms

Siennaruth Botanical Designs


Nicole Vanderheyden


Native plants and seeds, information about

propagation and germination

SeaDance Nursery


Linda Hardison


Sale of Volumes 1 & 2 of Flora of Oregon

and other donated botany books.

Also a silent auction fundraiser for

OregonFlora featuring books, artwork

and other items of interest.



Sue Allen


Nature related cards and original screen prints

Studio Ink


If you have questions that aren't answered here, send email to annualmeeting@npsoregon.org.