NPSO 2023 Annual Meeting


Tire Mountain balsamroot. Photo: Tanya Harvey
Registration ended on May 19 and is now CLOSED. Please check the Updates & Notices page regularly to keep up with the latest news and reminders about fields trips, registration, and event scheduling.

Greetings! Emerald Chapter is delighted that you are interested in attending the NPSO 2023 Annual Meeting. Please read all of the following sections before beginning your registration! If you have any questions please contact the registrar at the email address given below.

Only Members Can Attend

The Annual Meeting is for NPSO members only. New members are always welcome and joining is easy. To become a member or renew a lapsed membership, use the membership form in the NPSO Bulletin or visit the NPSO web site.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for the 2023 NPSO Annual Meeting is $150.00 per member, but Emerald Chapter is pleased to offer an EARLY BIRD RATE of $130.00 per member. The registration form - available as a printable PDF below - displays both rates. If we receive your registration form before Monday, May 1, 2023 you are entitled to the EARLY BIRD RATE. Otherwise your registration fee will be $150.00 per member. Registrants must send the correct amount based on the submission date, or their registration may not be classified as valid.

A limited number of student stipends are available. Click here for details.

Banquet Meal

The Saturday evening banquet meal is included in the registration fee. Banquet meal details are available on the Venues page.

Optional Saturday Field Trip Lunchboxes

The registration form provides an option to add $10.00 extra per member, to supply the member with a lunchbox for their Saturday field trip. Obviously field trip participants can bring their own food and water, no problem. Emerald Chapter will have water at the Saturday Field Trip designated parking area (LCC Lot L) for participants to fill their water containers.

Field Trip Choices

We can't predict which field trips will be in greater demand than others. On the registration form the registrants can enter their field trip preferences (1st, 2nd, 3rd choice) just as has been done in previous years. The registrar will assign field trips based on postmark, availability, and choices made by registrants on page 1 of their registration form.

Registration Processing

Registration forms will be processed in the order they are received. An email will be sent to the registrant as soon as a form has been entered into our database. The email will contain a summary of the registration including field trip assignments and a payment acknowledgement. A delay of several days may occur between submission and email acknowledgement during peak registration periods. Thanks ahead of time for your patience!

Last Day to Register is May 19

The maximum number of registrants for this event is 150. When we reach this number of registrants, a waiting list will be established for any subsequently received registration forms. Whether we hit 150 or not, registration will close May 19th. Registrations received after that date will not be accepted. There will be no exceptions.

Badge Pick-up and Information Desk

We will have a staffed Badge Pick-up and Information Desk at the following locations:

- Field trip designated parking area (LCC Lot L) on Friday, June 3 from 11:30AM to 1:00PM and Saturday, June 4 from 7:30 to 8:30AM

- Venue 252 lobby on Saturday, June 4 between 4:30 and 6:00PM

Each registrant shall pick up their nametag/badge at the desk. It will display their name and registration information such as their field trip assignments and food choices.

Choose your Payment Method

Registration is CLOSED.

Registrar Email Address

For all questions about registration, please contact Michael Hartman at hartmanium@mac.com.

2023 Annual Meeting Student Stipends

NPSO is offering three stipends of up to $200 each to college undergraduate or graduate students to attend the 2023 Annual Meeting in Eugene, OR. We want to encourage more students to be active in NPSO, so we are offering the stipends to help defray some expenses for travel, lodging, food & banquet, membership, and registration. If you are awarded a stipend, NPSO will pay the hosting chapter directly for the following items: your registration which includes Friday mixer, and Saturday banquet and Saturday lunch. We will pay your NPSO membership fee ($12), if you are not already a member. For additional expenses, you may submit receipts to our treasurer, Michael Hartman, at treasurer@NPSOregon.org. In return, NPSO suggests that each student who receives a stipend write a short article (about 250-300 words), describing some aspect of the meeting such as the field trip you participated in or one of the evening presentations, for the Bulletin. Deadline for submitting your stipend application to Em_President@npsoregon.org by email is May 1, 2023.

Student Stipend Application Form