Lane County Plant Checklist
The Emerald Chapter, NPSO, is pleased to announce publication of:

Vascular Plants of Lane County,
Oregon: An Annotated Checklist

by C. Simpson, J. Koenig, J. Lippert, R. Love,
B. Newhouse, N. Otting, S. Sundberg,
D. Wagner and P. Warner. 88 pages. Paper,
spiral bound. ISBN 0-9720208-0-2.
$15 mail order; $12 direct purchase at events.

This county checklist includes 1,744 species, subspecies and varieties, representing 39 percent of Oregon's 4,460 taxa currently recognized by the Oregon Vascular Plant Checklist Project at Oregon State University. Information is included for every species on habitat, ecoregion, and occurrence frequency. Includes a color map of Lane County's five major ecoregions, information about rare and endangered species, noxious weeds, and invasive gardening and landscaping plants. Native or non-native origin is also designated.

THE CHECKLIST IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. The checklist group is actively considering alternatives for making additional copies available going forward.

Download List Updates
The Emerald Chapter's Lane Checklist Group has identified a number of new taxa, nomenclatural changes, and ID corrections affecting "Vascular Plants of Lane County, Oregon: An Annotated Checklist" published Spring 2002. The updates follow the format of the main publication and append that work. To download the updates, click the links below. To obtain all of the updates, download installments #1, #2 and #3 below.