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Upcoming Public Programs:

* Wednesday, April 14th, 7PM to 8:30PM. Online Program: iNaturalist is way more than an APP. Four local, frequent users of iNaturalist, Bruce Newhouse, Gail Baker, Bitty Roy and Dean Walton, will give you tips on using iNaturalist (iNat for short) that go beyond the basics. If you are not familiar with iNat and want to get the most out of this presentation, please visit the iNat web site and read the Community Guidelines (linked at the bottom of every web page) and watch the iNat videos prior to the event. And practice using iNat - it's fun! To join the program, use this link: https://uoregon.zoom.us/j/99033926840?pwd=Wmlzb0xHL0JJWnZwMkJOTUY4ZnFUdz09.

* Monday, Apr 19th, 7PM to 9PM. Online Program: Plant Succession 40 years after the Mt. St. Helens Eruption. The Weevil Empire: How Insects Rule and other stories from the Pumice Plain. Speaker John Bishop is Co-Director & Associate Dean at the College of Arts and Sciences and professor of biological sciences at Washington State University. His ecological research at Mount St. Helens is focused on the effects of herbivores on keystone plant colonists and the resulting cascading impacts on community and ecosystem development. The link for the presentation will be emailed to Emerald Chapter members in advance and will be posted here closer to the date.

Upcoming Field Trips:

* Sunday, April 11, 1PM to 3PM. Hendricks Park Wildflower Walk - Field Botanist Steven Yeager leads the Friends of Hendricks Park inaugural spring tour. Learn to identify and use edible and medicinal plants with one of the preeminent herbal educators in the Northwest. Trip will proceed rain or shine. Bring enthusiasm and loupe (hand lens). Meet at Wilkins Shelter. Sign up here.

* Tuesday, April 13, 5PM to 6:30PM. Tall Pacific Dogwood in a Eugene Park - David Predeek will lead a small group to view what he believes is the tallest Pacific dogwood in Eugene and it is growing wild. It started to grow in Alton Baker Park apparently after a filbert orchard was abandoned and is now about 45 feet tall. The walk will be limited to 6 participants. RSVP at this link.

* Wednesday, April 14, Time 5:30PM to 7PM. Armitage Park Evening Wildflower Walk - Join Ed Alverson, botanist from Lane Country Parks, for an evening wildflower walk along the Crilly Trail in Armitage Park. We'll also see a large population of Henderson's shooting star in full bloom. Sign up here.

* Saturday, May 1, 1PM to 3PM. Gail Baker & Steven Yeager will lead a wildflower walk. Register here (location and handouts available with registration).

Upcoming Bioblitz Events:

* April 17-22. Glide Wildflower Show Bioblitz

* April 30 - May 3. City Nature Challenge (NPSO Emerald Chapter is a partner)

* May 11-15. Lane County Wildflower Show Bioblitz in conjunction
with the Mt Pisgah Arboretum Virtual Wildflower Festival

*PLEASE NOTE* - You can view previously recorded NPSO Emerald Chapter Programs here (http://bit.ly/recordedmonthlyprograms)

Delphinium menziesii Cardamine nuttallii var. nuttallii Calypso bulbosa Ribes sanguineum var. sanguineum Camassia leichtlinii ssp. suksdorfii Viola sheltonii