Wildflower Hikes
Lane County boasts numerous areas with beautiful wildflower displays. To help people locate and enjoy these displays, Emerald Chapter of NPSO has published a booklet titled:

Spring and Summer Wildflower Displays Within
Driving Distance of Eugene, Oregon

View printable PDF version of the Wildflower Hikes booklet

Also, Tanya Harvey, an Emerald Chapter member, is working on a guide to the wildflowers of the Western Cascades of Oregon which will include information on the best wildflower hikes in the region. The links below are from the upcoming guide. If you have comments or change suggestions, Tanya would appreciate hearing from you.

  • Bearbones Mountain  (plant list)
  • Blair Lake & Meadows  (plant list)
  • Bohemia Mtn & Fairview Peak  (plant list)
  • Fuji Mountain  (plant list)
  • Gold Lake & Bog  (plant list)
  • Grasshopper Meadows  (plant list)
  • Groundhog Mountain  (plant list)
  • Hells Half Acre  (plant list)
  • Hemlock Butte  (plant list)
  • Moon Point  (plant list)
  • Mount June  (plant list)
  • Patterson Mountain  (plant list)
  • Youngs Rock  (plant list)