Wildflower Hikes

Wildflower Hikes

Lane County boasts numerous areas with beautiful wildflower displays. To help people locate and enjoy these displays, Emerald Chapter of NPSO has published a booklet titled:

Spring and Summer Wildflower Displays Within Driving Distance of Eugene, Oregon

Below we provide links for you to look up information on trailheads and road access for hikes in and around the County to help you choose your next botanical adventure:

Cascade Mountains

Tanya Harvey, an Emerald Chapter member, is working on a guide to the wildflowers of the Western Cascades of Oregon and has a website covering the best botanizing sites in the region. You can look up locations in Lane County at Mountain Plants of the Western Cascades. Each site description includes directions, downloadable plant lists, and links to blog reports of her trips.

Two National Forests – Willamette and Umpqua – administer different portions of the Cascade Range in Lane County. Each has online resources that detail hiking opportunities within their borders. These hikes are not all about wildflowers, but many do feature good displays at the right time of year.